Major Benefits of Third Party Inspections & Audits 

Performing routine inspections and periodic audits are essential for a company to implement a process that assesses risk and liabilities while developing accurate policies, procedures, and training to continuously improve HSE performance.  Inspections (hazard identification) and audits (program evaluation) are critical to the successful implementation of an effective and continuously improving HSE management system.   

Inspections of workplace hazards must be integrated into a company’s HSE program to ensure that hazards are appropriately identified, evaluated (severity, likelihood), and effectively controlled through engineering, administrative controls (procedures, training), and through personal protective equipment.  Auditing of a company’s HSE performance is essential for a company to assess the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of their HSE program.

While inspections and audits may be conducted internally, there are 4 major benefits of acquiring KSV Group’s third-party services to assess the effectiveness of your HSE program: 

  1. Expertise & Experience  

Our auditors are industry experts that maintain certifications such as CSP, CIH, and CHMM to ensure a level of integrity is brought to every project.  Their experience working in challenging and diverse environments lends an opportunity to benchmark with industry best practices and provide insight to proven methods.   

  1. Objectivity & Validation

An independent analysis is conducted with a neutral approach that focuses on challenging the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of existing procedures, programs, and training.  This empowers clients by gaining insight of potential gaps, opportunities for improvement, and validation of compliance which provides the assurance and confidence to make informed decisions for implementing a continuously improving HSE management system.

  1. Result Accuracy

The return on investment for accuracy of the findings from an inspection or audit far out weight the costs of using third party auditors.  Our drive for performance-based solutions accompanied with our objective positioning allows us the opportunity to provide an accurate assessment of your workplace and management system empowering our clients to make informed decisions to improve their HSE performance and bottom line.     

  1. Reduce Impact on Your Business 

Inspections and audits conducted internally have a great impact on company resources such as time and labor which can greatly affect the efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and quality of findings.  Our skilled auditors can efficiently conduct inspections and audits, greatly reducing direct and indirect costs while minimizing interruptions to your operations.   

KSV Group provides third party inspections and audits, partnering (SafeGuard), and project staffing solutions that allow clients to focus on their core business.  By inserting us into your operations, you have the assurance and confidence, empowering you to make informed decisions to implement a compliant, but more importantly, an effective and continuously improving HSE management system.

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