6 Benefits of Partnering to Improve HSE Performance 

Businesses most valuable assets are their workforce.  As such, managing health, safety, and environmental (HSE) aspects and impacts play a critical role in managing a business.  However, for many businesses, managing an HSE system is often overwhelming trying to navigate complex and everchanging regulations, and often do not have the resources to manage internally.

For many smaller to mid-sized companies, the responsibilities of managing HSE aspects and impacts often fall on human resources, supervisors, or operation managers.  Although having commitment and involvement from management is crucial for HSE performance, often HSE requirements are not fully understood and responsibilities fall through the cracks or are not managed in a proactive manner.  This leaves many companies very vulnerable for accidents, injuries, illnesses, and regulatory violations, which all are preventable if managed correctly.       

Companies choosing to outsource HSE functions typically fall under one of the following categories:

  • Small to mid-sized businesses that lack the resources to hire fulltime professionals 
  • Contract or cyclical based industries needing project based or seasonal staffing 
  • Existing HSE staff need assistance due to current work volume or do not have the expertise in certain areas   
  • Employment gap of individuals designated with HSE responsibilities

There are many benefits of entering into partnerships that can assist in staffing HSE functions, but here listed are 6 critical benefits that can have a profound impact on your business: 

  1. Access to industry experts with proven methods 
  2. Objectivity and validation  
  3. Reducing and controlling direct and indirect operating costs
  4. Freeing internal resources to focus on designated responsibilities 
  5. Flexibility based on current staffing needs and workload 
  6. Competitive advantage on bidding contracts 

Our Safeguard™ Solutions provides both partnering and project staffing solutions that allow clients to focus on their core business.  By inserting us into your operations, you have the assurance and confidence of implementing a compliant, but more importantly, an effective and continuously improving HSE management system.

Contact us to see how we can customize or staff your HSE Solutions for your business!

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