13 Elements of a Fire Door Inspection

Routine visual inspections and operational testing of fire doors is critical to a building’s maintenance and the life safety of its occupants.

Fire doors inspected in accordance with the requirements set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101, Life Safety Code, and NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, require that all fire door assemblies be inspected not less than annually, after installation and maintenance work.

Visual inspections and operational testing are crucial in determining a fire door’s functionality.  At a minimum, the requirements set forth by NFPA 80, Section Swinging Doors with Builders Hardware or Fire Door Hardware should be conducted:

  • Labels are present and legible
  • No holes or breaks in the door or frame
  • Glazing and glass kit / glass beads are intact and securely fastened
  • Door, frame, and hardware are in proper working order
  • No missing or broken parts
  • Door clearances are within allowable limits
  • Door closer / spring hinges are operational, and the door is self-closing
  • Coordinator ensures that door leaves close in proper sequence (pairs only)
  • Door is self-latching in the closed position
  • Opening is not equipped with auxiliary hardware items which interfere with operation
  • No field modifications have been performed that void the label
  • Gasketing/edge seals, where required, are present, continuous, and of the proper type
  • Signage on doors <5% of door face and is not attached with mechanical fasteners

KSV Group has a 75-point inspection system designed to rapidly capture data in electronic format to ensure that detailed and accurate information is transmitted to the client so that deficiencies can be tracked and completed in a timely fashion.

Our accredited team of professionals can help ensure that client fire doors are code compliant and are working properly, empowering clients to have the assurance and confidence of making informed and timely decisions, giving them peace of mind in safely executing their operations.

As experienced code consultants, we can quickly and accurately identify which doors are fire doors required to be maintained, and then execute inspection services that comply with the regulations.

KSV Group provides comprehensive health, safety and environmental consulting services including regulatory compliance (OSHA, MSHA, DOT, EPA) risk evaluation and management, industrial hygiene, training, management systems, and staffing solutions.

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